June 6, 2008

Testing Times

Filed under: Pointless Test Posts — Anthony @ 2:55 am

Okay, nothing to see here. No, seriously, there’s nothing. Except this test post, which is only me making sure that everything gets set up properly, that posting from MS Word works as it should, that Word is over its brain-dead handling of images enough to actually insert and upload them properly with thumbnails and everything, and also to provide me with a voluminous enough post on the blog to give me a base to tweak design settings with. And once all that’s done, this will vanish, actual content will appear and this will go away to somewhere Google cannae find it.

Now the question is, what happens when I insert a picture and try to place it where I want it to go? Will Word attempt to upload the full thing anyway, despite the fact that I just resized it down to 10% of its original size and wrapped text around it? You know, like those Word press releases PR companies send out that have one page of text and a 2-colour logo that’s a 5MB bitmap stored intact. Ah, yes, they’re fun. Oh, and the picture’s cheesily symbolic. It’s the launch picture. Get it? Now, on to the penguins… okay, maybe stand by on the penguins. Though if you’ve read this far, you deserve penguins.


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