November 25, 2009

Back In Black. And White.

Filed under: Commentary — Anthony @ 12:30 am

Cow Up A Tree (Photo © 2006 Anthony Horan)

It’s been a little bit quiet over here in my WordPress world, and that’s been for a few different reasons. Aside from the other distractions of life that have kept me procrastinating whenever I’ve intended to get some of the archived interviews and features I promised onto this site, it’s also been a fairly quiet last half of the year interview-wise, so the new stuff’s been a little thin on the ground. That’s about to change, though, with an Angie Hart interview coming in mere minutes, followed later this week by a fascinating interview with Finn Andrews of The Veils.

I also wanted to change the name of the site. “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” seemed like a great idea at the time, but it had its problems: it makes telling people what the site’s called rather cumbersome, and the name’s so long that it doesn’t even fit into the title area of most of WordPress’s templates. And of course, there’s always someone who’s going to think it’s a Smiths blog.

So after tossing around names for an eternity and coming up empty, I was still looking around for inspiration when the last track of the album I was listening to at the time – The Sundays’ wonderful Static And Silence – came on in my headphones. It’s called Monochrome. Of course. Short, simple, and a perfect description of the content in all its black-and-white texty glory.

So, Monochrome it is. Welcome to it.


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