October 29, 2008

Welcome (At Last!)

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For the past couple of years, various friends and acquaintances have been suggesting that I start a blog. Which I thought was a great idea, and off I went to set one up at Blogspot. And there it sat, postless, for a good year before it was finally removed for lack of activity. I am, of course, your classic procrastinator, and while the idea was there – a blog all about records past and present that had been unfairly ignored or forgotten, it was to be called Lost Things – the motivation wasn’t.

With the discovery this year, though, that I can do blog posts directly from Microsoft Word (my writing weapon of choice) I set this one up – on WordPress this time, because it’s a far more versatile platform and they’re happy to automagically host all the page images for me as well. And then a few months went by (see the test post below 🙂 while I decided exactly what it was going to be. Oh alright, and while I procrastinated a fair bit too. Can’t let Team Procrastination down, after all!

But the big red button marked GO has finally been pressed on it, and here we are. What you’ll read here will be mostly about music. The Lost Things concept (no, not named after the movie mentioned in the Lenka interview posted today, by the way!) will be part of it and will have its own category; interviews and features I write for Inpress and others will appear here too, often in longer versions than were seen in print. And I’ll be digging into my archive of interviews and writing which dates back to around 1989 (though everything up to mid-1994 is on the old Amiga 3000 computer sitting in a cupboard!) and choosing some interesting ones to put back in the public eye. Ultimately, I’d like to also post some interviews in audio form – I’ve kept nearly all of them – but that will have to wait until I can get some kind of hosting solution worked out for them.

So, enjoy, please feel free to add the blog’s RSS feed to your feed reader of choice, leave comments and nudge me if I get slack at posting things. Oh and yes, I do take requests 😀


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  1. Oh hi! I didn’t know you had a wordpress now!!
    Happy New Year 🙂

    Comment by renae — January 2, 2009 @ 10:36 pm

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